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We are partnerfree, quirkyalone, single and happy,
however you like to put it. This does not mean that
we think relationships are bad, but it does mean
that we feel relationships are not the most
important thing in the world.

We can be happy without a partner.
We will not sacrifice everything for OmG!TrueLove.
We feel friends are just as important in our lives as
a partner and won’t suddenly stop seeing our
friends because of a relationship.

Also, we are very annoyed by the current idea
in the world that being single is horrible and that
singles should be doing everything they can to get
in a relationship. Especially when that results in us
having to pay more than people who are married.
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Apr 18th, 06 ♥ 2:59pm]

[ mood | curious ]

A few days ago I was talking to some people from college. Both of their relationships had ended approximately a few weeks ago (I don't know if it was their choice or not - I got the impression it wasn't). They were both talking about how they needed to learn it's ok to be single, which they apparently hadn't learned yet (judging on their sad faces). They clearly pitied themselves for having to be single. I nodded, smiled and wondered where people get the idea that your life is only worthwhile when you're in a relationship.
Of course I understand you can be sad if a relationship ends, but they had been single for a while already.

Then they started talking about how they hoped there were some cute boys at the party that night. Rebound, anyone? ;)

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Mar 19th, 06 ♥ 9:45pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Oh wise men, riddle me this...

Why is it that insurance companies charge 56 euro's for one person and 84 for two? Two times 56 equals one-hundred-and-twelve, in my book. Why does a couple get a discount of no less than 28 euro's? Don't get me wrong. I am *happy* for couples that they have to pay less. I am just not *happy* that this money has to come from somewhere and that one can logically assume that my insurance would be cheaper if the costs for three people were equally divided between those three.

*does the maths*

One single person: ....................... 56 euro's
Two people who form a couple: ......... 84 euro's
TOTAL: ................................... 140 euro's

140 divided by 3 is approximately 46 euro's, rather than the 56 they are now trying to get me to pay. I found another company that is much cheaper anyway, but still... I cannot help but wonder at the unfairness of arrangements like this. And don't even get me *started* on lines like: "Never pay for more than four people!" (In other words: go ahead, bring your 18 kids and we'll insure them for free! Never you mind, we'll just let other people pay 10 bucks more to compensate for this!)

Oh, and I could also rant a bit about the following:

For whom is this insurance?
Yourself ........ yes/no
Your partner ..... yes/no

This isn't so bad in itself, but I absolutely *had* to tell them whether I wanted to insure my (non-existent) partner, or they wouldn't accept me. I can understand they want to know whether your partner also wants an insurance, but the way they put it is a bit silly.

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Mar 18th, 06 ♥ 9:36pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Hello, welcome, et cetera! We seem to be experiencing some lay-out problems, so if it looks weird... we're working on it!

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